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About Us

Tianshan Jade is the trading arm of Jade Resources Ltd owners of a large jade mine in Kazakhstan. It is one of the largest single deposits in the world with a Jadeite resource of over 150,000 tonnes.

We can supply Jade in any quantity ranging from 2kg parcels to 30 tonne single blocks. The deposit is about 400km by rail to China. We are involved in the inland logistics and the overseas transportation.

We can supply worldwide A Grade certified jadeite products at reasonable prices, using web-based sales, wholesalers and large retail outlets

Quality & Provenance

Our Jade is certified type A jadeite by the China Gems Laboratory Ltd and the Hong Kong Jade & Stone Laboratory Ltd. It is simply cut, washed and polished with no bleaching or artificial treatment.

Pure Jadeite will last for thousands of years, hence its value. Jadeite is unaffected by heat, is durable and hard and can therefore be used in interior and exterior design. Our jadeite is simply cut, washed and polished with no bleaching or artificial treatment.

Tianshan Jade comes in a variety of tones, colours, translucency, clarity, texture and shapes, with the Imperial Jade possessing an intense, consistent even green; others have a honey-like transparency, watery lustre and vivid, root like structure. Most jadeite from the mine is light green to dark green in colour.

We are distinct from other prominent Jadeite sources and can provide provenance via our certificates of product origin


We export stone in containers by rail to China, where we have secured several cutting and polishing partners.

Jade has had a deep cultural significance in China and Asia for over 7,000 years. It is considered much more than a valuable gemstone; it represents all aspects of life itself, including heaven, earth and mankind.

We collaborate with stone masons / importers, architects, designers, sculptors, developers, mills and individual processors, who can design and craft the raw Jadeite into luxury items such as ornaments, large translucent wall tiles, floor features, furniture and works of art.